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Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology is a student-run publication at Northwestern University School of Law that prints four issues annually and rests upon a century of scholarship devoted to the scientific study of criminal law and criminology. Since its inception in 1910, the Journal strives to capture the breadth and depth of legal scholarship on crime through the publication of legal articles, criminological research, book reviews, and symposia. The Journal is consistently ranked among the most influential legal and criminology publications and remains the most widely read and cited criminal law journal. Our broad readership of judges, legal scholars, criminologists, and practitioners composes the second largest subscription base of all the nation's law journals.

Northwestern Journal of Human Rights

The Northwestern Journal of Human Rights (JHR) offers a forum for scholars, practitioners and law students to debate domestic and international human rights issues. By advancing human rights scholarship, the Journal aims to provide the legal community with the strongest arguments available to address human rights challenges. The Journal of Human Rights was founded in 2003 as the Journal of International Human Rights and adopted its present name in 2016 to better reflect its focus.

Northwestern University Law Review (Northwestern University Law Review)

ISSN 0029-3571

First published in 1906, the Northwestern University Law Review is a student-operated journal that publishes six issues of high-quality, general legal scholarship each year. Student editors make the editorial and organizational decisions and select articles submitted by professors, judges, and practitioners, as well as student pieces.