The United States has entered into technology races before, often with great success, for example, the moon landing. Yet, most of these successes were accomplished with local knowledge, even if the impact was global. Fifth Generation Cellular Wireless (5G), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are simply incapable of being fully cultivated in the same local environment; thus, we must understand these technologies within the context of a global community. However, current U.S. policy and the absence of cooperation amongst countries are leaving the technology ecosystem to operate in a competitive, war-like environment. 5G, IoT, and AI—as part of a highly connected digital community—demand we consider each within a critical infrastructure framework, focusing on its place in a global environment. To accomplish this, we must think in cooperative mindsets, with a focus of investment, frameworks, and communities of trust, which create and progress ideas for the betterment of mankind.

This paper seeks to explore how the current AI race paradigm must be discarded and the necessary changes needed to create a framework to advance the responsible development of AI. Focusing on the immediate and long term needs of the technology ecosystem, with an emphasis on cooperation in investment and standards, the paper will explain the importance of 5G and AI in the context of global communications; will then explain why coordinated investment and standards are necessary; will return the focus to ethical considerations with global communities as key stakeholders; and will finally set out a brief series of recommendations for immediate and long term investment and guidelines.