Jacob Aubrecht


If anything can be said about the future, it is that nothing is certain. In this acceleratingly dynamic reality, stability and certainty are among the greatest assets a leader can have. The opportunity to secure long term stability is something that few would pass up. Broadly speaking, corporate leaders must be acutely aware of global market forces, government regulation, and their own power in the marketplace to create cogent predictions about the future.

This paper is designed for the burgeoning corporate leader that is looking to craft their strategic position on corporate social responsibility (CSR), or the savvy one looking to enhance their existing approach. In short, this paper will explore how existing frameworks for global sustainable development can be utilized to create comprehensive CSR strategies that appreciate the interrelatedness of global issues. By following the framework presented, corporations will be better equipped to stabilize a disrupted market in their favor. The SDG Wedding Cake Framework provides an avenue for corporations to reconsider their resiliency strategy. By adopting a corporate strategy that considers SDGs, international corporations will be equipped with a robust decision-making framework that will better prepare them in times of crisis and will drive sustainable profitability in the long run.