Solving Global Financial Imbalances: A Plan for a World Financial Authority


This paper will propose a plan to reform international finance—the World Financial Authority (WFA) Plan. Under such a plan, the IMF and other existing international financial institutions would be reformed and coordinated around a newly created WFA. The WFA would have two core functions. The first function would be to manage international liquidity, thus reducing externalities arising from domestic monetary policies adopted by its members, and addressing global liquidity problems involving financial activities of transnational private banks. The second function would be to help countries make their domestic monetary policies more effective, thus regaining traction and preventing contagion. A central instrument to this end is the creation of the World Financial Unit (WFU), an international currency unit conceived as a synthetic security backed by reserves composed of currencies surrendered to the WFA by member countries. The WFA would support the financial globalization, as well as help governments to maintain their power to manage the domestic macroeconomic conditions, contain externalities, align incentives, and allow for more responsible policies.

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