Most Recent Additions


Session III: A Conversation About Fred Gray: Rosa Parks' Lawyer and Dr. King's First Lawyer
Darlene Clark Hine, Jonathan L. Entin, and Leonard Rubinowitz


Welcome and Session I: Overview of Martin Luther King's Career
Kimberly Seymour, Leonard Rubinowitz, and Aldon Morris


Twilight of the Death Penalty?
Meredith Rountree, Kevin Barry, Rob Smith, Anthony Farley, and Ben Jones


Improving the Gate - The Future of Courts and Forensic Science
Carol Henderson, Jules Epstein, and Ron Reinstein




After Closing the Door - Getting Junk Science Out of Courts Post-Conviction
Tucker Carrington, David L. Faigman, David Koropp, and Barry Scheck




Closing the Back Gate - Challenging and Excluding Improper Opinion Evidence from Recognized Forensic Science Disciplines
Jane Campbell Moriarty JD; Andrew Sulner MSFS, JD; and Jonathan J. Koehler JD


Pushing the Gate Closed; Holding It Open - The Role of Attorneys
Jules Epstein, Julia Leighton, Ron Reinstein, and Matthew F. Redle




Holding the Keys to the Gate - The Role of the Judiciary in Improving Forensic Science
John F. Hollway; Donald E. Shelton JD, PhD; and Thomas M. Durkin

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