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Northwestern JTIP


Pre-1972 Sound Recording Copyright Law
Peter DiCola, Thomas Leavens, Margit Livingston, and Tyler Ochoa


Business Method Patents Following Alice v. CLS Bank
Mike Borella, Christal Sheppard, Jay Kesan, Mark Remus, and Laura Pedraza-Fariña


Inter Partes Review (IPR) at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
Andrew Williams, Mircea Tipescu, David Schwartz, Jay Kesan, and Hon. James Smith


Check-In and Welcome Coffee
Northwestern JTIP


Intraportfolio Litigation
Amanda M. Rose and Richard Squire


An Appraisal Puzzle
George S. Geis


Regulatory Change and Optimal Transition Relief
Richard L. Revesz and Allison L. Westfahl Kong

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