The Editors of the Journal welcome submissions for publication consideration.


All manuscripts sent by e-mail and post for consideration by the Journal are evaluated on a rolling basis. Upon request, the Journal may grant expedited reviews providing authors with a decision within 48 hours of submission. Please contact , Managing Executive Editor, for the Journal’s expedited review policy.

Contact Information:

Please send your submission electronically, by e-mailing the manuscript as a Word attachment to , or mail it to the following address:

Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
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All submissions should be double-spaced with one-inch margins. Each submission should include an abstract and a table of contents. The Journal uses Microsoft Word for all word-processing. Accordingly, all manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. If you are submitting via postal mail, the Journal requests that you supply and submit one paper copy of the manuscript and one electronic copy on a 3 1/2 inch PC-compatible floppy disk or a PC-compatible CD-ROM. All footnoted text should be double-spaced and numbered serially. The journal uses footnote standard citing, and all footnotes and citations to authority should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, Eighteenth Edition, published by the Harvard Law Review Association.


The Editors of the Journal seek submissions in the area of intellectual property law - particularly copyrights, entertainment law, Internet law, patents, comments on pending legislation or recent IP case decisions, telecommunications, trademarks, and trade secrets. In addition to notes, comments, and scholarly articles, we are also accepting submissions of shorter, approximately 500-2,000 word "perspectives" pieces. Examples of perspectives pieces include a short comment on a recent important development or issue in IP law, or an analysis of an interesting current IP case. Our Journal is published online, and the scholarly articles, case notes, comments, and working papers will be disseminated in electronic search databases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.


It is the policy of the Journal not to publish articles that have appeared or are to appear in other publications. Accordingly, all manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding that the Journal possesses the exclusive right of original publication. The Journal requires authors to grant an exclusive license of first publication along with other non-exclusive rights. However, authors retain ownership of any copyright in their work to which they are entitled. Reprints may be obtained from the printer after publication.


Please direct all inquiries to , Managing Executive Editor.